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Everyone loves a good wedding, the dressing up, the flowers, the MUSIC !!!!

As members of this amazing choir, we are in the privileged position of helping to make the day special.  We have sung “all sorts” in “all sorts” of venues from country churches, to vineyards, to wedding barns.  Our ever expanding repertoire is often thanks to the requests of the happy couple.

Some particularly memorable pieces have been Bicycle by Queen and Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor - both sung to a bemused groom before his stunning bride arrived.  We were asked to sing Oh Happy Day at a gorgeous wedding in Barrow Gurney and it was fantastic when all the guests started clapping and dancing as the newly weds left the church.

By contrast we have perfected a version of The Power of Love which reduced the mother of the bride to tears at a beautiful ceremony in Publow - Well, someone should always cry at a wedding :)

For me, being part of a Wedding choir is an absolute pleasure.  I get to go to lovely places wearing one of my many black and white frocks (can’t stop buying them).  I have the opportunity to sing with all my friends on a pivotal day for two people who are committing themselves to building a life together.

It’s interesting to listen to the celebrants or registrars who conduct the service when they address the new couple.  Occasionally, you hear words from a standard template about love and what marriage means with the names of bride and groom inserted.  Mostly though, you hear wise words, warmth and humour often wrapped up in a prayer or two.  It’s really nice to be involved in such a personal event when, really, you are just an outsider who loves singing.

I remember my own wedding day…..My mother had booked a brass group and a choir to enrich the service.  The acoustic in the church had clearly been a well kept secret until then..…I felt the physicality of music that day, it is something I’ll never forget.  To now be able to play my part at someone else’s Big Day is really special.

I think I speak for most of us when I say “ it’s just the BEST GIG ever”. Singing classical or contemporary songs in an atmosphere of excitement and love……and often from the best seats in the house! 

Alyson Lampard

Alyson Lampard - Second Soprano